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September 09, 2009


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Hi, Ana. Well, as you can see from the lack of posts here in the last few months, my experience in Medill's IMC program has kept me busy, to say the least. To put it simply, I have never worked even close to this hard in my entire life. But it's all worth it. The depth and variety of knowledge I'm building is incomparable to anything I've gone through before. And the people I'm meeting and working alongside are some of the most talented, creative and intelligent I've ever met. A lot of superlatives, yes. And all deserved. I'd highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to build their marketing skills by using both their left and right brains. If you'd like to know more, feel free to email me directly by clicking on the link in the left-hand margin. Oh, and also check out www.vitaminimc.com, Medill IMC's student-run blog, where I am now serving as Managing Director!

If possible share a little bit about your experience at Medill's IMC for these first few months.

Thanks, Teresa. I am indeed very happy about the way things have happened for me here, and I look forward to more great stuff to come.

As for the food part, the Green City Market is definitely a far cry from the Santa Cruz Farmers Market (my home market for eight years) and its drum circles and oysters on the half shell, but it's full of it's own bountiful variety of great, fresh produce and equally great people.

And that's the wonderful thing about farmers markets and the idea of eating locally. Each market in each town is its own unique amalgamation of the people, natural resources and climate conditions inherent to the surrounding area. I look forward to giving you your own private tour of the GCM sometime!

WOO! First, it's so nice to see how re-rooted (not a word, I know, but whatever) you've become in Chicago. Seems like what was supposed to happen is happening and it's doing a world of good for you, so congratulations!

Second...YAY FOOD! You've joined an awesome sustainability movement and this should be so fun to read about. I'm looking forward to it, especially since I still have plans to get out there and I'm so used to California's fantastic produce...I'll need all the help I can get!

Good stuff, Dan! I'm excited to see where you're able to take this. :)

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